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19 Aug

This afternoon, I crashed for a bit on the couch and while flipping channels, I came across the title Baby Driver. Curious, I clicked on it to see if it was anything like the movie Look Who's Talking, but it was nothing of the sort. Baby Driver is a serious violent crime drama in which the driver who is recruited by a bunch of bank robbers to then be their driver has an innocent-looking baby face, which made for a good camouflage disguise. Yes, "camouflage disguise"  is somewhat redundant--I liked it for effect here. Everything in this movie is a bit, well, not necessarily redundant, but delivered with double impact. Sometimes it is done with twin force from entities we have seen before.

Part of the impact is the Bonnie and Clyde motif with Baby's girlfriend along for the ride in the end. Their fate is less sealed at the finish being that they never--neither one of them--get killed or even shot at. Baby is released from jail on parole after serving only five years and when he is out in the open air again for the first time she is there standing beside a very cool car, waiting for him and their new life together free of crime. This rings of the movie Wild at Heart, if anyone remembers that one like I do--that one had double--or triple or quaith his baby facedruple (and often surreal)-- impact too,  

One extremely redeeming feature of this film is that Baby the baby face driver loves music. II guess that helps redeem his character along with his babyish hface because anyone who looks so sweet and loves music seems to not be all that bad. We sympathize with his baby-ness because it is so sad that he cannot hear it like he used to after his eardrums get blown from gunshots fired so close to his ears. 

We all pay a price or make sacrifices for the things we do wrong, sooner or later, or so is seems from this story's moral. At least this price is unusual and makes it less preachy that way while upholding that irony in life. He didn't lose the girl, but after all that, he had to lose something--something else besides his innocence. Losing one's innocence is often just the start of problems; after all, one is then not innocent anymore.

I enjoyed this film and kept wishing that that one really bad guy would just finally roll over and die. And he finally did. My wish came true. Some good guys finish last because they are lucky to still be standing. 

--M. Bencivengo

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