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09 Oct

It's pon the list. 

Two of my children's books are hoped to be out for the Winter Holidays. One is a new and really fun book about a little princess and that's all I will tell about it for now. the other is a second printing of "The Man in the Moon," a book I published back in 2011, that is a simple and enjoyable bedtime story. Some people like to knit or crochet blankets and afghans, while I like to draw with my ink pens and color with my colored pencils. I am told that children like my illustrations partially because they are childlike. Even when there is a lot going on in the images or even when they are textured, they are somehow still simple, or simply enjoyably pleasant.  In the image for this post I add one of my illustrations from the new book about the princess. You can look up the illustrations of "The Man in the Moon" on Amazon. I self-published my first children's book in 2011, choosing that as my avenue. This time I have a publisher for both these books. I hope you put these on your list for Santa to bring!