Welcome to my website which features my creative work: poetry, short fiction, children's books, scholarly papers, books, samples of arts and entertainment articles I wrote for newspapers, samples of brochures, and news about my current projects. Here you can also find announcements of upcoming publications and public presentations for both adults and children. I also include samples of my previous work. You can visit my Events page for book clubs, discussion groups, and classes,.

I received my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University, where I had earlier received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Creative Writing. During those years at BGSU, I also studied visual arts (drawing and painting) . After a teach9ng career, I attended Pacifica Graduate Institute where I received my Master of Arts (MA) degree in Depth Psychology in Jungian and Archetypal Studies. My specialization within DP is as a mythopoetic analyst and writer in the arts. While teaching, I "moonlighted" as a newspaper writer, providing art and music reviews and other articles for A & E. In my youth and onwards, I enjoyed studies in piano (classical through modern ) and classical dance (ballet).

In addition to doing my own writing and creative work, one of my biggest pleasures in life is promoting the arts and art education. My site also features services I provide in the arts. As a retired English Composition and Arts and Humanities college instructor, I offer tutoring in English in varieties of writing, for adults and for children; as I have have also taught pre-school creative arts programs, for which I established and developed curriculum, currently I offer these programs for children; I also have K-12 experience as a substitute teacher in public schools, including in special education classes. I have a services page and a contact page here for you to browse and contact me if interested. In my mbenci blog, I share my work and news.

I do have another blog I keep Jungian depth psychology and mythopoetics. I find that a "text" can be a book or article or poem, a visual piece of art, a piece of music and/or a dance, and even a scene in nature or a landscape can be read as text. I had years of experience in creative writing programs and in teaching of literary analysis, and I found that depth psychological/mythopoetic analysis is much the same, with an added Jungian twist. For more information on depth psychology, see my Jungian blog. Also you may find that for me, writing and counseling do go hand-in-hand. In either case, I read symbols, whether the symbols in a story or a film, or the symbols of dreams of one's psyche. I especially enjoy dream interpretation. Poetry, art, dreams, and myth together share a common language.

Thank you for visiting my site,
Marianne Benci