Welcome to my website which features my creative work: poetry, short fiction, children's books, scholarly papers, books, samples of arts and entertainment articles I wrote for newspapers, samples of brochures, and news about current projects. You can visit my Events page for book discussions, various other discussions, and classes.

I received my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University, where I had earlier received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree also in Creative Writing. During those years at BGSU, I additionally studied visual arts (drawing and painting). After a teaching career while in early semi-retirement, I attended Pacifica Graduate Institute where I received my Master of Arts (MA) degree in Depth Psychology in Jungian and Archetypal Studies. My specialization within DP is as a mythopoetic analyst and writer in the arts which compliments my earlier experiences doing literary explication. While teaching, I "moonlighted" as an arts and entertainment journalist primarily in A & E, yet also wrote human and community interest stories along with a weekly A & E events column and a community events column. I enjoyed all the networking and fascinating conversations the job entailed. Lastly, I will include that In my youth and onwards, I enjoyed studies in piano (classical through modern) and classical dance (ballet) and have worked with music with children in preschools and developed music curriculum. In addition to doing my own creative work, one of my biggest pleasures in life has been promoting the arts and art education.

In my M.BENCI NEWS blog, I share news, thoughts, and inspiration regarding my current writings and publications.

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I share my thoughts about books, films, articles, music, visual arts, dance, and more. Please note that this feature will arrive on August 1 as it is under construction. Thank you!

Some people ask me about the connection between the arts and writing and depth psychology. I find that a "text" can be a book or article or poem, a visual piece of art, a piece of music and/or a dance, and even a scene in nature or a landscape can be read as text. I had years of experience in creative writing workshops, poetics, and explication, and in teaching literary analysis, and found that depth psychological and mythopoetic analysis is much the same, with an added Jungian twist. In either case, whether as a writer or as a depth psychologist/mythopoetic analyst, I read symbols, whether the symbols in a story or a film or a dance or piece of music, or the symbols of dreams of one's psyche. I especially enjoy dream interpretation and daydreams--writing is a lot like daydreaming. Poetry, art, dreams, and myth all share a same language.

Thank you for visiting my site and for reading my viewpoints,
M. Benci