published works 

The Man in the Moon

Children's Book (2011)

When we are little our parents point out to us the eyes, nose, and mouth of the moon and tell us that is the face of The Man in the Moon. This book is about the legendary character called The Man in the Moon. In these pages we see that The Man in the Moon is a good guy who wants good things for us. While it is a bedtime story for younger children, older children might enjoy it too. (Released in 2011.)

A Child's Edenic Dream: The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker Ballet

Paper (2015)

A Child in the Old World Asks Her Mother Where Babies Come From and This is the Reply:

Poem published in Depth Insights Issue # 7 Spring/Summer, on page 36. LINK:

Pandora Addresses Evil, With Regrets

Poem Published in Depth Insights Magazine, Issue 8 Fall-Winter 2016, p. 57. LINK: